Friday, December 23, 2005

Home for the Holidays

Folks, I'm finally home. In El Paso. With the family.

But before I left Las Cruces, my friend Saeed and I exchanged gifts.

I gave him an a DVD. I'm introducing Saeed to anime. The next few months should be interesting.

In any case, Saeed knows of the plans Luke and I have for our apartment. He decided to help facilitate the process, sort of.

Luke and I want to build a small bar in our apartment. Our goal is to make our apartment a place where our friends want to come and hang out. A classy place with a nice laid-back atmosphere. And seeing as how the three of us will be turning 21 soon, a bar seems like a good idea.

And so, I present Saeed's gifts. Two books.

The first is a veritable encyclopedia of drinks. The second is a reprint of a 1917 book by a man named Tom Bullock. They are both very cool. They will both be referenced often.

Classic Cocktails has a few quotes scattered around in it. I will leave you with one.

"Once during the prohibition I was forced to live for days on nothing but food and water." ~~W.C. Fields

Thanks again Saeed.

And Merry Christmas to all of you, my friends who have given quips, remarks, advice, and wisdom over the past 9 months. Thanks guys and again, Merry Christmas.

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anne arkham said...

You're going to need more soundproof panels.

Chickie said...

I bet a nice lighted keg stand would look snazzy by the bar.