Tuesday, June 27, 2006

one, eight-hundred...

I had to call an insurance company today...

Good morning, this is Jack. How can I help you today?
Well, Jack. My name is Joe Fuel. And I'm leading a group of four people to Hong Kong and China for four and a half weeks. One of the girls on my team needs short-term health insurance coverage during the trip.
Great. Have you checked out our "DayTripper" insurance plans?
I have. But it says on your website that the DayTripper insurance is only available to groups of five or more. I only need insurance for one person...
Hmmm. I see. Well, have you ever purchased DayTripper insurance from us before?
No. Sorry.
Oh. If you had, we might be able to cut you a break and sell you insurance for one person.

Suddenly, I have an idea.

Well, Jack. I'm leading this group as a part of RBYMG (Really Big Youth Missions Group), does that help?
Oh yeah! Why didn't you say so? We work with RBYMG all the time. We do a lot of policies for you guys and we really like doing business for you.

Jack suddenly realizes that he has inadvertantly said that he enjoys taking money from people who are normally pretty poor.

But more than the business, this is about your guys' safety.....

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Charles & Holly Reed said...

Hey Joe
Hope you have a great outreach.
Take a little bit of luggage in your carry-on so you can have something to wear - brings back memories of Philippines.
Let me know how you get on so I can be praying.