Friday, January 05, 2007

A Not-So-Triumphant Return

Well, for better or worse, I'm back. And I mean that in two different ways. One, I just got back home a few hours ago from a trip to Germany. Two, I hope to resume blogging. We'll see how that one goes.

I figured that I would start it off this way...

Thoughts while in Germany
-- Good Lordy, I knew I should have studied harder for my German tests.

-- After being yelled at by an airport security official in Frankfurt for (of all things) having too much toothpaste: Seriously, what the hell am I going to do with an extra ounce of toothpaste, force you to brush your teeth while I hijack the plane?

-- After boarding a shuttle that would take us to our plane sitting in the middle of the airfield, a woman asked me, "Where is this shuttle taking us?" DO NOT say the words "gas" or "chamber."*

-- I can't remember that last time I slept. Or the last time I ate a hamburger. I should do something about both of those...


-- Oh hey! I have friends in Germany! That's right, I came to visit.

-- Hm, these Germans like their alcohol... No, No. I couldn't possibly have another sip of Cognac. Dani, quit pouring, I know you understand English. NEIN! NEIN!!!!

-- At about 12:01 AM, January 1st: Whoa, now I understand why they don't let us light fireworks inside city limits. But... it's so beautiful.

-- WHAT? Cuban cigars?

-- Seriously, enough with the alcohol...

-- Yay! Planes!

-- About 5 minutes after take-off: Oh right... we DON'T like planes...

(And that's about all I can handle for now.)


* Yes, I know I'm a horrible person. But I'm trying to be honest, for whatever that's worth...

UPDATE Luke said that it sounded like I didn't have a good time in Germany. I would like to clarify that. I actually had an amazing time. In fact, it was pretty difficult to leave...

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anaglyph said...

I don't like planes much either. But I discovered drugs and that makes the hideous experience bearable.

Ask for sedatives. It's worth it.